Our message is the heart of Narcotics Anonymous. Everything we do, everything that matters to us as a Fellowship, comes back to our simple message of hope and freedom:

that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way of life.

No one is too sick or too well, too rich or too poor, too far gone or too far away to qualify. It is available to us all”. – p. 81, Guiding Principles

Our members generous gave of their time and themselves to share their personal message of recovery.  All the recovery messages shared by the incredible speakers over the convention Free For Downloading.

Sadly, we, the PNWCNA 40 committee, need to inform you that there were a few recording malfunctions and 5 of the workshop tapes are unusable.  Step three in action – we planned the action and now we need to let go of the results and of course learn from our mistakes for future conventions.

We apologize to the speakers whose workshops are not available for download.

There are 31 workshops and the 3 main speaker files available here for free download. These tapes are free for anyone to download whether you could attend PNWCNA 40 or not. We only ask that you respect the committee’s wishes and do not sell these free files remembering PNWCNA40 ‘s recovery messages are free.