PNWCNA #40 – 2017 Registration

The Pacific Northwest Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (PNWCNA) IS a gathering of fellowship members, held once a year, in October as a celebration of recovery in the Pacific Northwest

Join us for the weekend in October 2017 from Friday the 6th, through Sunday the 8th as we laugh, cry, and celebrate life in Narcotics Anonymous


Etransfer Directions

Question: For what?
Password: convention

Notes: Include Full Name; Items purchased

Cheque/cash/money order

payable to PNWCNA 40

Hand deliver to a committee member at a meeting or arrange via facebook page PNWCNA #40 to have someone meet you at a mutually agreed upon location.

Meeting options:

  • Reg D Devious Frightened Loners Sun 5 pm, Vancouver
  • Jared N Talking Heads Mon 7:30pm, New West
  • Wendy S. Women in Recovery, Thurs 7 pm, Vancouver
  • Don M New West Winners Thurs 8pm, New Westminster
  • Veronica M Never Alone Group Fri 7 pm, North Vancouver
  • Merry W Reconstruction Fri  7 pm, New West
  • Heidi Smith Never Alone Group Fri 7 pm, North Vancouver
  • Jessica C. Reconstruction Fri 7 pm, New West
  • Dan D The Alternative Sat 7:30 pm, Vancouver

Onsite @ Event

Registration opens 5:30 pm Friday Oct 6th
Cash, Mastercard and VISA accepted at the event
(providing PNWCNA # 40 isn’t sold out)

Note: Basic Registration is required to attend any/all events within PNWCNA #40. Packages are pick up only @ event